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A bit about Colette

She is a licensed holistic esthetician certified in oncology facials, working with compromised and sensitive skin as well as preserving the skin's natural ability to heal itself. Every facial she gives is nourishing and hydrating to your skin, connecting your whole system, allowing it to relax and release. She infuses her own oils for facial treatments, breast health and body hydration, encouraging self care in all facets. She is also a Certified Nutritionist, Herbalist and Reiki Practitioner that she implements in every treatment for overall health. 

In addition to her facials and oils, she is a Prana Shakti dance instructor, which brings you back to your body through movement, shifting out what no longer serves us. She is an avid writer, gardener, hiker, grounding maven, meditation facilitator and a lover of nature.

She feels incredibly fortunate to work and volunteer out of the Survivor Wellness House and offers a discount to anyone going through their cancer journey, as well as 10% of all her product sales and treatments go to the Survivor Wellness House.


Undergoing cancer treatment can be an incredibly challenging and emotional
experience. It's a journey that demands not only physical strength, but also
mental resilience. Amidst the overwhelming medical appointments, tests, and
treatments, self-care often falls by the wayside. However, taking care of your
body and mind is essential in navigating this life-changing journey, and one
way to do that is through oncology facials.

Oncology facials are specialized skincare treatments designed specifically for
individuals undergoing cancer therapy. I focus on providing gentle, hydrating,
soothing, and restorative care to address the unique skin concerns that arise
during this time. The importance of facials while undergoing cancer treatment can benefit your overall well-being.

I address the skin issues related to treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation. These can include dryness, sensitivity, redness, and even skin infections.

To care for these issues, I infuse my own oils, as well as use gentle, organic products and techniques that soothe, hydrate, and restore the skin's natural balance to maintain the health and integrity of your skin throughout your treatment journey.

The emotional toll of cancer treatment is immense, and stress can exacerbate
existing skin issues. My facials not only address the physical side of
skincare, but also provide a soothing and calming experience that promotes
relaxation and stress relief. I give each client a gentle touch, combined with calming music and a serene environment, to help you unwind and de-stress,
for your overall mental well-being.

The physical changes that accompany cancer treatment can take a significant
toll on one's self-esteem. My facials help to restore your skin's health
and radiance, giving you a renewed sense of confidence. When you look and
feel your best, it can empower you to face the challenges ahead with strength
and determination.

As an esthetician specializing in oncology facials, I understand the unique needs of cancer patients and can offer personalized care, advice, and support. I
recommend the right products and routines for your specific skin type and
concerns, helping you navigate the often confusing world of skincare during
this challenging time. Investing in your skincare and overall well-being,
you are taking a proactive step in your cancer journey and empowering yourself
to face the challenges ahead with renewed strength and confidence.

If you need more support during your cancer journey please contact and check out all they have to offer to the community. 

Thank you