Massage Ritual

Breast Massage using your Natural Beauty Lavender Breast Oil:

Start by activating your lymph glands on either side of your neck, below your ears, at the base of your neck, right behind your collar bone. Slowly pump softly 7-10 times to activate your lymphatic system to help it drain properly while doing the breast massage.

Then put 4-6 pumps of breast oil into your palms, gently rub oil into both hands, and breathe in deeply the natural aroma of Lavender to relax your whole system.

Gently apply oil to breasts and surrounding areas including your lymph glands under your armpits, taking in slow, deep breathes.

Stretch one arm straight up into the air and gently press your fingers into your armpit notch and pump upwards several times. This movement also primes the lymphatic system under the arms.

Still stretching one arm upward, lightly massage toward the inner part of your upper arm and back down halfway by your side, gently stimulating your lymphatic system. Repeat several times for each side. All the while continue with slow, deep breathes.

Next support a breast by cupping one palm underneath near the nipple and place the other palm over the topside near the nipple. Stroke both hands in the opposite direction away from the nipple all the way out to your collarbone and ribcage. Rotate and continue slowly in another section of the breast, stroking again from the nipple, outward. Work your way around the entire breast like a flower petal. This helps drain stagnant lymph from the breast tissue, while stimulating the flow of fresh nutrients, blood and oxygen into each breast.

Now use your fingers and palms to gently lift, squeeze and massage your breasts as you would softly kneed bread dough. This releases hormones, gives pleasure by moving venous fluids, and tones the breasts by exercising their underlying muscle. Do whatever feels most loving to your breasts for as long as you like. Make sure to massage around lumps rather than directly on them.

Then cup your breast with one hand on top and one on the bottom, and move your hands in opposite direction, as if “wringing out” the breast. Go in a clockwise, then counter-clockwise direction, with your hands taking turns on top and bottom. Repeat with the other breast. This releases toxins from the breast tissue, clearing the way for fresh lymph, blood and oxygen to regenerate the cells. The lift and press movement releases powerful natural hormones that open the heart and calms the mind.

To stimulate the flow of nourishing tissue fluids and all the love hormones that will naturally continue to beautify and add sensuality to your nipples; jiggle your breasts gently and allow them to move as they wish. Then lovingly pull, twist, and tweak both your nipples simultaneously. Close your eyes, gently lift and support both breasts, and press them close to your heart. Take a deep, cleansing breath, allow all the feels that bring your body joy, and give deep gratitude for your breasts and beautiful body.

Use these massage techniques three or more times a week for best results. Use the oil everyday as a sensual treat to show some love to your breasts and to honor yourself.

Enjoy with Love